Subject Too Dark

We had a powerful line of thunderstorms to go through last night. I watched the approaching storms thinking we’d finally get some much-needed rain but it turned out to be more fury than falling water.

As everyone turned in for the night, one by one, I was left doing some last-minute work on the computer. Finally, my eyes were just too heavy so I began the route to lock doors and turn lights off. As I made my way to the back door, I was overcome by the night sounds.

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(Click start for night sounds.) It was very dark; my eyes couldn’t adjust to capture any form out back but my ears were overwhelmed. I grabbed my camera and began to set it up for a recording but it warned me “Subject Too Dark.” I knew that. I didn’t want pictures, per se; I wanted the sound.

For once:  no airplanes, no cars, no horns, no tractors, no television, no computer, no roosters, no sheep, no “nothing else.” It was so… settling. Yes, the subject was “too dark” but in my mind’s eye?  It was perfectly lit.