Visiting a Community Fair – Webisode 2

Tracy Toth, our host, continues our day at the fair. We learn more of “all things Ag” at the Oley Valley Community Fair in part two of our two-part webisode.

Visiting a Community Fair – Webisode 1

Join our host, Tracy Toth, as she introduces us to a communal celebration of “all things Ag” at the Community Fair in part one of this two-part webisode.

Blog Post About Our Bees Webisode

It takes a special person to raise bees…by the millions.

After watching our Bees  segment I think you’ll agree, Eugene Taylor is just that person!

If you’re in our area after Labor Day you will be able to visit his display and perhaps meet the man in person at the Oley Valley Community Fair in Oley, Pa. on September 16 – 17 – 18, 2010. Check out the Fair at

Eugene Taylor’s honey can usually be found on  local grocery store shelves….to that, I say “Sweet!”

I have to tell you, if I could spend endless hours enveloped in a zen-like hum, harvesting fresh honeycomb at the end of the summer each year in a “honey room” off the house where I processed the golden liquid and was engulfed by the sweet aroma of honey every time I stepped inside, I’d take my chances with all those stingers too! 

Check back with me in a few years—I have a feeling we won’t be able to stop at just one hive.