Blog Post About Our Butter Making Webisode


It has assisted in and flavored many a recipe and, at times, come to my absolute rescue in the kitchen.

After researching “butter” (and, let me tell you, I was fascinated by all of it: the history, the “tools”, the commercial production) I was surprised to find there’s a USDA grading system — AA, A, and B — that is based on flavor, body, color and salt.

Oh, and how about this:  the color of butter is directly related to the naturally-occurring compounds in the feed of the cows. Makes sense, right?

Did you know that in order to make one pound of butter, the cream from approximately 11 quarts of milk is needed?

It’s said the discovery of butter happened when a nomad hung a sack of milk around his horse’s neck and it shook and shook with the horse’s gait until butter formed. Now, we can just reach for it in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

We’ve come a long way—yet butter remains, amazingly, about the same.

Here’s to you, Butter!

Butter Making Webisode

Our host, Tracy Toth, shares her recipe for making homemade butter.