I thought it would be nice to show a picture of the butternut squashblossoms which are practically at peak color and size right now.

When taking the photo I was met with the most pleasant surprise: bzzzzzzzz.

The entire section of butternut squash, which, at this point in the summer has just about taken over the entire garden, was “buzzing.” I leaned in to hold the giant green leaves aside in order to snap pictures of one of the orange/golden flowers. To my utter surprise and delight, each flower had at least 2 bumblebees inside—and there were so many flowers, I couldn’t count them all?!

As a vegetable gardener, you can be surprised on a daily basis; I can honestly say, I’d never seen (or heard) anything like this in the garden before. It would’ve been so easy to have never noticed this little “dance of nature” going on…but I’m so glad to have stumbled upon it.