Bar-le-Duc Currants Webisode

We learn how to pick and preserve Bar-le-Duc currants.


4 Responses to “Bar-le-Duc Currants Webisode”

  1. Tracy says:

    “Sweet” memories, Aunt Renie; thanks for sharing!!

  2. Leigh Massinger says:

    Hi Tracy! I’m remembering when you spread your DELICIOUS currant jam on my biscuit last Easter dinner! It was fabulous and so are you!!! Love,Cousin Leigh

  3. Michelle Rosamond says:

    Dried, these suckers are fabulous stuffed in cornish game hens and most other holiday stuffings! Lovely!

  4. Aunt Renie says:

    Tracy, I”m reminded of Grandpa Corley’s two rows of currants when I was a child. I learned by Nathaniel’s method that pink is not ripe. Also I recall Grandma C. making a fine dish of Chicken Country Captain with currants.